Welcome Home


He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

Mark 16:15



Our name says it all - we are a church that wants its people to call it home. We are a family forged through Christ's love and it is our mission to make that love known to our members, our community, and the world. We hope that you can find your home here with us!



There are people in this world that do not know of Jesus Christ and the hope that comes with salvation. At THMC we aim to be a living church, inviting and helping those around us to experience God's love & mercy; the cure of Christ; and His unending blessings & encouragement.


We at THMC recognize the importance of discipleship and make it an mission to raise up and train our members to become disciples of Christ, to prepare them for the days where the good news will bring salvation to those they reach, changing the world into the likeness of Jesus Christ. 

#World Mission

At THMC we believe it is our purpose to reach out to those closest to us, our family, our neighbors, our generations and the next generation; sharing the love and grace that we received upon our own salvation, through our individual talents and gifts. We believe that our calling is to share God's goodness and the gospel message of Christ to our community, our country, our world.


Get to know us!


Pastor Ken Choe

As the senior pastor of Ttokamsa Home Mission Church, Pastor Ken Choe has led the Korean ministry since THMC's inception. In April 2017, Pastor Ken helped restart the English Ministry to create a home for the English speaking community.